Episode 49: Halo 3 and Other Games

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It’s the new show type: Lots of Halo 3 speculation and a little bit about other games that Halo freaks play. With guest hosts Freak in a Box, Kilobyte, and Kynitekia. Guess who’s recording from their webcam? :) Honestly there are a few sporadic track alignment issues, but we think we have this problem nailed and it should be fixed for the next show. Freak in a box spent a lot of time getting this show the way it is. Thanks Freak!

Pod Art this week comes from SFreack. Good stuff!

UPDATE: this show should appear on iTunes now.

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24 Responses to Episode 49: Halo 3 and Other Games

  1. kilobyte says:

    I think he means Fyrfly.

  2. Painkilla05 says:


  3. Kynitekia says:

    thanks a ton for lettin me on, cept yall spelled my name wrong again

  4. Painkilla05 says:


  5. foomojive says:

    fixed that spelling, kynitekia. somehow i keep thinking it’s spelled that way.

  6. kilobyte says:

    I bet I know who was recording on their webcam. ME!!!! lol. Ok next time will be better. I’ll go all out and buy a real mic.

  7. filthy noob says:

    kilobyte sounds like an android!

  8. chelskiUK says:

    lol apart from that, another great episode guys. Keep em coming!

  9. Kynitekia says:

    muchas gracias just wanted yall to know that as of right now, ep 49 isnt on iTunes yet

  10. Lord hobo says:

    yeh i just looked it still ant there, well it be there by tomoz or l8ers

  11. ExpandedFlame says:

    man I cant wait till I can be on the show

    all my other podcasts finally had newer episodes! now podtacular doesnt…

  12. kilobyte says:

    I’m the new kilobyte 2000. Halo sock rocking robot god.

  13. foomojive says:

    lol and here’s my dog, I call her “cortana”

  14. Painkilla05 says:

    If I ever get a dog or cat im so gonna name her that.

  15. Kynitekia says:

    um i have a dog named Kyni…

  16. QualityJeverage says:

    I have a cat named Gary, and it’s female. No joke.

  17. Mintz says:

    Well, this week’s Podtacular album art didn’t convert to a size friendly enough for my site, so I made my own. I urge you to check it out.

    You can also get to the site with this link:

  18. Painkilla05 says:

    Hot piss. Great job Mintz!

  19. foomojive says:

    Nice art!

  20. ExpandedFlame says:

    Ok, firefly, the guy who’s tip they used…where are you from? where do you live? Sorry if this sounds wierd i just need to know…

  21. Painkilla05 says:


  22. ExpandedFlame says:

    oh was that it, ok nevermind. A friend of mine that plays halo 2 has his name everthing firfly

  23. Paradox says:

    You guys were wondering how RvB did the videos like that. They just insert black bars that cover the hud. Most movie editors have a similar effect, but that is for 16:9.

    Also, it has been announced that bungie will make Halo2 for vista, and it will have a map editor.

  24. SfreacK says:

    hey foo mo, its cool to se my podart up here but could you please correct my gamertag. its SfreacK and you have it a SFreak.

    i love the new site.

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