Podtacular 488: Silence of Biko

Ben finds himself waiting in the dark of his hideout where he’s waiting for his contact, but trying to keep up with what’s happening after his stunt.  After one stormy night, Ray shows up a day early delivering good news that the Chief was innocent from the case on Biko.  Turns out a group by the name Sapien Sunrise, a terrorist organization against the alliance with aliens, attempted to infiltrate the ranks of Sekibo to assassinate him, which Chief miraculously prevented.  While Biko requested assistance against these terrorists, the UEG placed a gag order on the planet, even after the footage leaks.  While there was evidence to support it, Ray’s contact was unable to recover the evidence needed to make the compelling case.  Following up with Petra, per request of Ray wanting to check up on his family, Ben receives a tip from her for a 72 hour window and coordinates on Bliss, that was an opportunity she said he couldn’t pass up.  After receiving the news, he headed back to his place to retrieve some hidden stuff in his apartment.  When he arrived, the building was condemned, every room wrapped in plastic with doors open, except for his, which was completely gutted. We are pleased once again to have Toa Freak or Halo Canon on YouTube back on the show to discuss this week’s episode.

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