Podtacular 487: Signal Archive

The Hunt the Signal contest has come to a close, lasting less than two weeks until a winner was declared.  Similar to previous pre-launch ARGs, this contest heavily involved the use of cryptography to solve a myriad of puzzles to progress as a team of four.  Starting off with a mysterious signal embedded at the end of the sixth Hunt the Truth episode, the contest launched with a link to StolenGauntlet.com.  From there people waited for the countdown to reach the end and start the contest.  Many teams tried to solve the puzzles, but the victors came from a group behind the Twitter account ONISEC3.  How they got there is this episode’s topic.  To follow along, there’s a Waypoint forum thread here, and we also recommend checking out Halo Canon’s videos here and here.

Also in this episode, we had the privilege of talking with Media Bias, one of the members from the Halo Archive.  The archive is one of the more recently sprouted communities that has amassed a large following with regards to the Halo lore and universe.  They have a growing repository of information and articles that any lore fan would be best to check out.

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