Podtacular 486: Hacked Revelations

Ben is just about ready to blow open ONI’s dark secrets waiting for a few more pieces to fall into place.  Wrapping up a recording session with Anthony Petrovsky’s testimony of the Spartan program, he finally gets the last bit of data he needs from Mashak to make his case.  He even goes one step further cleaning up a police report behind one of the cases where a Spartan abductee ran into his clone, which Ben decided not to use.  FERO, with her impeccable timing cuts off Mashak and get’s Ben ready to blow the story up to the UEG senators, throwing out his journalistic integrity in one fell swoop.  He manages to make it through the whole process and deliver his final testimony as FERO’s hack was curbed, but not before Sully told Ben he was done for good.  With Ben now a fugitive of ONI, out of money and lost contact with the outer colonies, we’re left to wonder what will happen to him and everyone involved with his discoveries. We also explore another possibility behind the identity of FERO thanks to an article over on Halo Archive that suggests, somewhat convincingly, that she could be Ilsa Zane, a Spartan IV washout turned Innie.

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