Podtacular 483: The Leak

Ben finally made contact with FERO at the end of the previous episode and things couldn’t have gone more South how Ben was expecting their plan to go.  Leaked footage of the Master Chief disrupting a monumental peace talk seemingly favoring the alien representatives and kidnapping the human representative has had many people talking about him.  As Mashak reveals more information about the Spartan program and it’s treatment of the outer colonies, it’s not long before humanity is up in arms about what the Chief is doing.  FERO reassures that while Master Chief is taking the brunt of the blow in the short term, he will be vindicated and ONI will be the ones under scrutiny.  The panic generated from the first leak was enough to get the pieces moving for ONI brass and UEG Senators to set up a meeting to discuss what’s going on, which is right where they want them.

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