Podtacular 482: Truth Uncovered

Ben continues is search for the truth after the bombshell of a revelation that Deon Govendor was in fact dead for more than seven years.  However, he hasn’t heard from Mashak or FERO in three days, leaving him to wonder if something happened to him.  Ray eventually comes around with some info that reveals Jacob Walker as a professional voice actor, discrediting John’s origin of boot camp at the age of six.  Ben follows up with Anthony Petrovsky, one of the ODSTs ordered to fight John and was severely injured.  Eventually, the burning question of what the Spartan program was had to be asked and the details were gruesome, particularly the clones part for Ben.  At then end of the episode, FERO makes her appearance hacking into Ben’s network providing direction for Ben to take his story in, far past anything he could have imagined.

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