Podtacular 480: Pharaoh

Ben has stepped through door number two, slipping the deadline instigating dozens of calls from ONI.  He’s begun releasing his version of the Master Chief story and has drawn out many reactions of condemnation and praise.  With all the new information at his disposal, he begins piecing together the facts and undermining the ONI coverup.  His colleagues, Petra Janecek and Ray Curzig aren’t pleased when they hear themselves tied to Ben’s story in his podcasts and are shocked when the one person who was completely discredited from the voicemails, the one who was so passionate about his story with John that it convinced Ben, Deon Govendor died 7 years ago.  Add that to Mashak’s intervention and hacks into ONI systems and this leads to quite a gaping hole in John’s origin story.  Things are just on the rise when a mysterious person enters the scene by the name of Pharaoh.

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