Podtacular 478: Puzzle Solving

The Mysteries of Halo 5: Guardians continues to unravel in the latest episode of Hunt the Truth, but also in another image puzzle this past weekend.  After a mysterious email was sent to Australians, people everywhere began trying to solve a puzzle that eventually lead to the Halo 5 cover art for the game.  The art reveals what appears to be Blue Team, Locke’s team with a couple of familiar Spartans, Chief and Locke in their infamous standoff, and Sanghelios.  Ben Giraud’s trip to ONI had it’s own twists with a one-on-one interview with Franklin Mendez, the one who trained John and the rest of the Spartan IIs.  Ben’s struggle with the truth would get the better of him and get him fired shortly after, only to be left at home with a decision to follow through on the job, or turn tail and spill the beans.  After many recommendations, we’re honored to have Toa Freak on as our special guest.

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