Podtacular 471: Establishing the Lie

Benjamin Giraud’s search for the truth behind Master Chief continues as he wrestles with some contradictory evidence he mentioned in his previous podcast.  For this week’s episode, he seemingly finds a fix to the mysterious death record stating John had died at the age of six.  Additional interviews set up by ONI for Ben continue to portray this kid who rose up from nothing to join the cause of the UNSC becoming the great hero he was today.  The small quick fix from Sully however, wasn’t enough as one of John’s oldest friends Katrina provides Ben with vivid details of John as a kid and of his death.  Also on the contrary was the fact that John’s parents were still alive when they were believed to be dead.  ONI is trying to feed Ben the same lies they’ve propagated to the masses, but journalistic integrity may get the better of him as he continues to chase the loose threads of this story.

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3 Responses to Podtacular 471: Establishing the Lie

  1. xVWxTK says:

    One wonders that now with the Janis Key United, and in covenant hands, are Halsey, Chief and Jem maddam looked at and now viewed as threats to whom ever is running ONI. Chief was nearly killed by Ackerson because of the Internal ONI power struggle at the rise of the debate between Ackerson and Halsey Spartan research struggle. Do we know who is running ONI?

  2. Bullfrog says:

    In response to xVWxTK, we know exactly who is running ONI – Serin Osman, who is a failed Spartan II (didn’t take to the augmentations too well), who was groomed by Parangosky to succeed Parangosky, and has been involved in some fairly questionable activities herself (running operations directly counter to Admiral Hood).

    It’s a good podcast. And the next Hunt the Truth podcast will show Benjamin Giraud the entrance to the rabbit hole.

  3. Phastroh says:

    It seems that there may be a simple explanation to all of this Halo stuff. In the end it has to be one reason for it all right? I will post many things so try to read through it and put it back together yourself.

    Before I list anything the overall thing that dominates the entire Post Halo 3 era is this. ONI is bent on harnessing all Forerunner Technology for their own greed and keep it from the human race who are the actually “owners” or Mantle inheritors for lack of a better term. It is just like any government in the world. The MC is the one to bring it to the humans and ONI will not have that happen. What else could be behind ONIs behavior. You can take all the information from the start to the end and this is what I think it all points to.

    You can’t just have it that simple or it would be boring so any other information put out there or written or made into videos all come together as noise because I truly believe this is the end game. The only thing I can possibly add to it all is that some ancient Forerunner is running ONI now or at some point teamed up with them. That may be crazy sounding but don’t laugh just yet.

    It would appear that ONI created the Spartans to fight the Covenant but since the Master Chief basically fought through out all the games on his own and not under ONI direction and has more knowledge then ONI wants anyone to know so they need to have him killed

    What else can they do to discredit him but to make him a traitor. Locke with be Arbiter #2 and will eventually side with and die saving or helping the MC.

    MC may work with Halsey and some rogue Covenant at some point.

    I actually believe that in the end you may even see the MC locked away like the Didact, never to die as the series ends. Too add to that after seeing how Cortana save the MC there is no reason to believe that Johnson was not saved on the Ark by the Forerunners.

    I can see the Arbiter sacrificing his life to save the MC.

    I also see the MC getting rid of/destrying ONI once and for all.

    I also see the Forerunners in some capacity returning in mass to help the MC in his fight vs ONI.

    Ok so these are all the crazy things I think. Some may not seem to go together I am sure but I’ll throw them on the wall and see what sticks in January 2016. Then see what’s left after Halo 6.

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