Podtacular 465: Halo 5 Beta Breakdown: Spectator Mode

Our latest show comes from the depths of Pax East that took place this past weekend including the grand finals of HCS Season One.  To no mere coincidence, this week we talk about one of thenew, highly demanded features in Halo: Spectator mode.  While what we experienced is likely to change over the rest of the game’s development, it showed a glimpse of what we could have in the future and what that means to streamers, broadcasters and commentators.  The guests on this show are very fitting given the topic as they are as close as it gets to having Spectator mode being the most valued.  Our first group comes from our friends over at GrifballHub, Goosechecka and Receptor17.  You can see them streaming games with their own improvised Spectator mode used for streaming live Grifball matches on Twitch every Wednesday and Thursday.  Our final guest many know as one of the golden eSports casters for gaming, none other than Goldenboy, who casts many HCS tournaments including the grand finals of season one.  There are some striking similarities between the two groups yet some distinct feature requests that would be great additions to Halo 5: Guardians.

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