Podtacular 458: Tangential

The Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta is coming to a close within the next few days and we’ve been enjoying every moment of it, but with it’s inevitable end, we begin to focus on the Master Chief Collection again and the current state of Halo. It’s been a while since we’ve touched on anything that wasn’t official news or articles specifically relating to what 343 is doing with our beloved franchise, so this week we take a look at three different articles on this week’s show.  First is an article on Forbes on why people should not pre-order Halo 5: Guardains this far out.  There are many good points brought up on why it’s better for the consumer and the developer.  Second is from Develop with a look into the remastering of the Halo 2 Anniversary audio with Paul Lipton and how it has evolved.  Over three hours of new music and 16,000 audio assets is enough to perk your ears up.  Finally, an article on Kotaku brings a new video shining some light on some relics of the past with things that never made the cut for Halo: Combat Evolved and other little factoids.  Did you know there was a Harpoon and Gravity Wrench in Halo at one point?  We encourage you to all read through these at your leisure and discuss them in our forums.

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One Response to Podtacular 458: Tangential

  1. Gagnon30 says:

    DISCLAIMER: I have GREAT respect for Dustin & Podtacular. My tone is not angry or rant, just literal words though of to make point but with respect.

    Episode 458 was an entertaining listen. No question.

    HOWEVER, I did not go fully onside with the sidetrack that hosts made that people must make only constructive criticism to 343.

    When it comes to Halo 5 beta.. YES, its beta it’s for people to test and make notes to 343 on why they like or dislike something and even what they think should be added.
    But when it comes to Master Chief Collection. The team sounded like a bunch of apologists for 343. The fact is now well over 2 months later the game is riddled with holes, multiplayer hasn’t improved at all for many people like me who are lucky to get a game in without having to wait at least 15 minutes.

    Not sure what the hosts name was, it was not Dustin, but this guy made what seem corporate answers we have heard again and again “343 did something that have never been done… there was so many things to put in.. we need to give them a break… Battlefield and other games had issues so we should accept this… ect ect”

    No.. sorry.. this is simple. We are consumers and we were promised a product that has failed miserably. I chose ‘miserably’ after sitting here at keyboard for 2-3 minutes trying to find the perfect word.

    The host implies we should accept whatever MCC is. He is contributing to the gaming culture that in recent years buys advanced copies of game that turn out hugely flawed, doesn’t demand accountability from a manufacturer and them prebuys a deluxe copy of the next game a year away blindly. Rewarding poor product instead of demanding accountability.

    If 343 has community leader and other staff on Twitter who is supposed to be a liaison between the company and the fans, why kiss his backside about feeling bad about how 343 ‘tried real hard’ but didn’t come through. MCC wasn’t a freeware community made game; it is a AAA release by the big dogs in the big leagues. 343 got our money, for something that is broken. The bush league that this represents is equalled by apologists for the company to accept something that doesn’t work. If you are a 343 community leader, which is essentially customer service, you need to get thicker skin and listen to the fact so many people feel ripped off by MCC, IT IS YOUR JOB.

    If I buy a fridge, it’s to store perishables and keep them cool and frozen. If the compressor is dead and it can’t keep things cold, should I accept full price payment for the fact it still gives me a place to store food?

    I also disliked the tone when the same host mentioned “It takes me only a few seconds to find a game, don’t know why other people are having issues.” As one who has had issues that haven’t gotten better with matchmaking, crashes ect since Day 1 of MCC, this was insensitive remark and we know a huge part of the MCC owners have the same issues I do. It is clear this host thinks we should accept a broken game.

    I don’t know about you reading this, but spending after tax $80 for a broken game isn’t something I can afford to do with a family. Its basically wasting money on something that could be of better use, at least something I can buy that actually does what it is supposed to do.

    For Halo 5 Beta, YES, constructive criticism is key. But for MCC? The finished fiasco that thinks a flashy nameplate given to me will make me forget I can’t do the one thing I bought MCC to do with, play stable multiplayer? The host in question sounded like he was reading rhetoric straight from 343’s Dept of Propaganda. Rather disappointing to say the least.

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