Podtacular 449: Forgecastular

Probably the biggest news that graced our eyeballs this past month from IGN was Halo 2 Anniversary’s Forge.  It is undoubtedly the best Forge editor we’ve seen in any Halo title.  From three completely blank canvas maps, to all new terrain pieces and building blocks, to scriptable switches, this includes the things many Forgers wanted and even more things that the whole Halo community will benefit from.  Since the news was so big, we had to get some help to cover all of it.  We teamed up with the folks at The Forgecast to help us break down everything we saw in the video.  The Forgecast hosts include pete the duck, Psychoduck, NOKYARD, and Ducain23.

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  1. Gagnon30 says:

    Great listen, no question that you had leaders in forge community on show. I muts preface my comments by saying that I have utmost respect for them, and am commenting in a very polite & friendly ‘my 2 cents’ kinda way

    GREAT SHOW: I was dissapointed in all the negative points and griping on show on what people said they didn’t see in forge. Mostly done in the first 25 minutes of show. The majority of show was positive great talk, but I am addressing the knocks thrown against the new forge.

    But as you can hear in show, even the forgers can’t agree on what should be in forge, as I feel the nit picky points that were noted were more personal preferences, example “I don’t use precision tools.” It came off to some degree as an arrogant type remark, because for new forgers (And you do want new forgers to keep community alive) precision tools is an appealing thing. Hell.. its appealing to the experience forger who likes fine details like perfect symmetry.

    The bottom line for me is simple, this was a rerelease and we got a revamped forge that is compared to the last new release, Halo 4, seems to have improved the forging system.

    AGAIN: 4 games for 60 bucks.. with a beta and a new forge with added features for some games we didn’t have before. I think the gripe level should be at bare minimum all things considered.

    I also believe this is a stepping stone for an even better forge in Halo 5.

    Negative talk on Armor Lockj which the show sidetracked on? Yeah.. it smoked the big one…

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