Podtacular 448: Extra Life 2014

This past weekend, we joined thousands of gamers around the world in support of Extra Life, a 24-hour charity event where people play video games to raise donations for their local children’s hospitals.  We were blessed to reach our initial goal of $500 and we appreciate everyone who donated to the cause.  While the event is over, you can still contribute to our Extra Life team.  We had a great schedule of Halo gameplay including a shenanigan-filled Halo 3 campaign with the Podtacular staff.  If you’re interested in finding out what happened, you can go here.

In Halo news, IGN released the final two videos of The Master Chief Collection running at 1080P, 60FPS.  Halo 3 look surprisingly good despite the age of the engine, being able to pick out the subtitles in textures and the smoothness of models.  Stonetown, the remake of Zanzibar got the in-depth walk-through treatment this week.  Halo Fest is returning for the launch of The Master Chief Collection, but not in the way you may remember it if you were at Pax Prime in 2011.  Finally, we got a trailer for Remaking the Legend Halo 2: Anniversary documentary that will be premiering on Friday and available for free on Xbox Video and the Halo Channel November 11th.

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