Podtacular 447: Golden Master Chief

Amongst all the Halo news out this week from 343 and IGN, no one was probably more excited for anything but the announcement that the Master Chief Collection went gold and started hitting consoles as pre-order downloads this week.  Not to mention that all the content of the game can’t even fit on one disc or have other content come later, but it means we’re just that much closer to getting our change to experience Master Chief’s saga all over again.  In addition to the golden news, leaderboards are coming to the campaign where you can measure your progress compared to rivals you select in game.  If you haven’t touched Halo on PC, then you’re in a treat for 8 new maps to hit the Xbox stage for the first time.  One other Halo game to keep your eye on is Spartan Strike, the successor to Spartan Assault.  We still have another week or two of content to dive into the show so buckle your seat belts.

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