Podtacular 443: Amending Cartographer

A little while ago on the podcast, we mentioned a project harkening from the PC side of Halo called SPv3, a Halo: Custom Edition. While we were at Pax Prime in Seattle, we got to meet up with Masterz1337, one of the team members of Custom Map Team, who is developing the mod.  SPv3 is a completely re-envisioned version of the original campaign with their own additions of new weapons, updated textures, new enemy classes from later Halo games, and much more.  It all runs at 4K for computers that can support that display resolution.  The mod is slated to start releasing in November, just after the release of the Master Chief Collection.  For more information about the mod, head over to Halomods.com/CMT.

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    Is there a video format of this podcast?

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