Podtacular 440: Lockout Returns

Yesterday we finally got the official word that Lockout will be getting the anniversary treatment for the Master Chief Collection. The map is a staple among competitive Halo players and has rightfully earned its spot to be remade. Come hear our take on the news as we record from Seattle, a day before getting our hands on the map at Pax Prime. Halo: Reach will be available under the Games with Gold program next month for Xbox 360. More details about this week’s Pax Prime Showdown has been made available in this week’s bulletin. Joining us from our friends over at Ready Up Live are Drax 122, Veloc1ty24 and Micky.

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One Response to Podtacular 440: Lockout Returns

  1. Aggressive Sock says:

    I’ve gotta disagree with the idea that the last map will be Beaver Creek.

    Max Hoberman explained during the interview/stream on twitch at Gamescom, when they were doing the walk through and demonstration of Sanctuary, that they “passed over other favorites like Beaver Creek…” when the question was asked how they decided on the 6 maps they did. He was explaining why Sanctuary was chosen over other particular favorite maps. I don’t remember the exact quote, but he definitely named Beaver Creek as one they considered, but ultimately went with Sanctuary for the small 4v4 symmetrical map.

    It’s also worth noting Beaver Creek, as you know already, was originally Battle Creek from Halo: CE. While that’s not any sort of guarantee it can’t be included here, I would guess they’d at least stick with Halo 2 original maps. Though, they did do Headlong in CEA, so who knows. Also, wasn’t Beaver Creek remade in Reach(CEA)?

    IMO, it makes all the sense in the world, to go with a Large map for the last one.

    They have:
    Ascension (4-8 players)
    Lockout (4-8 players)
    Sanctuary (4-8 players)

    Zanzibar (8-16 players)
    Coagulation (12-16 players)

    Why would they go for another smaller map, when they could balance it out with another medium/large map to fit 12-16 players? Especially since Halo 2 has several favorite BTB maps left to be remade: Terminal, Waterworks, Containment. Or ever the less popular Burial Mounds. Potentially even the recently remade, but large favorite Headlong.

    Why go with another small arena map, when we already have half of the best Halo 2 had to offer?

    If I had my way, I’d go with Waterworks, Terminal, or Headlong.

    If it had to be a smaller map, give us Turf or Ivory Tower.

    Beaver Creek is great, but is it really the best option for #6? Or would it be just about the same if we just played it in the original Halo 2, and have a map with more potential to mix it up?

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