Podtacular 435: When the Halos Fell

San Diego Comic Con wrapped up this past weekend with lots of new Halo goodness from the two Halo panels covering Nightfall and The Master Chief CollectionLast week we talked with FinalPOSTMORTEM and TDSpiral on the information received by word of mouth and from the trailer.  After both panels being published by Halo Waypoint, available in this week’s Halo Bulletin, we picked up a few more details around the Nightfall production and we’ve since learned that Zanzibar will be making it’s return in Halo 2 Anniversary.  Outside of SDCC news, a new Halo-themed wireless mouse has popped up on the Windows Blog.

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One Response to Podtacular 435: When the Halos Fell

  1. phastroh says:

    The whole idea that the broken ring goes into slip space is most likely a recent idea. How could that be something ever talked about in any books or anything place since until now it was not needed to explain anything. Clearly it is just something added to make the story work. I highly doubt that the Halo’s have an engineering list and you would find that particular thing in the list. Frankie just slapped that idea into the rings just like he can add any feature to fit the needs to propel the storyline in any direction they want.

    Next thing the ring will be able to breakdance if they needed it to.

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