Podtacular 433: Anniversary Mayhem

The news train for Halo: The Master Chief Collection keeps rolling through with info more info dropped during the Halo panel at RTX 2014.  On last week’s show, we touched on a few things that they revealed, but we go over all the new developments from RTX on the latest Halo experience.  San Diego Comic Con is right around the corner though and 343 has given us a glimpse of what will be there in this week’s Halo BulletinFlamesword makes the Community Spotlight this week and a British actress, Christina Chong, has been announced to be a lead actor for Macer in the upcoming Halo: Nightfall production.

Among the official news is also community related news that we’re excited about.  Our good friends over at Drunken Halo Podcast are hosting their third 1v1 tournament.  The Forward Unto Dawn Podcast is back after a five-month hiatus talking about their take on the latest Halo developments and how everything behind the mythos of the universe is being affected.  Over at HaloGAF, our friends have restarted their podcast under the name Reclaimer Radio.

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