Podtacular 424: Halo 5 Discussions: Forge

Welcome to one of many shows dedicated to discussions around Halo 5. The Halo community is expecting much from 343 Industries for their next Halo installment and we’re here to talk today about Forge. Whether you realize it or not, Forge is responsible for a lot, if not all, of the communities that rely heavily on the game’s longevity. Even Halo matchmaking as we know it has relied heavily on Forge since Halo 3. After catching up with the latest Halo news and this week’s Halo Bulletin, we dive head on into the Halo 5 Forge Wish List pulled together by Pete the Duck. While it does not have everyone’s opinion in it, the list is quite comprehensive and is broken down into categories of changes and additions people would like to see that contributed to the list. To help us discuss the wish list and the future or Forge, we are honored to have Pete the Duck, Receptor 17 and Community Cartographer Psycho Duck.

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5 Responses to Podtacular 424: Halo 5 Discussions: Forge

  1. That Play-doh and Lego analogy was brilliant.

  2. Physco duck i find all this pretty humorous and a major invasion of privacy... says:

    I think we better come to an understanding TONIGHT

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  5. InterChief says:

    I like this wish list. I fully agree with the return of some vehicles like hornet, falcon etc.. They may, however, receive a restyle both graphic that is a different form (Hornet and Falcon) and game (Hornet can only be selected as attack aircraft and no longer transport as in halo 3, Falcon only transport but only the pilot can still use as the machine gun in the campaign halo reach). You could, however, add a few new vehicle as halo 4 for the mantis (see halopedia for new vehicles), speaking mantis also it might look better, rather than opens a rectangle about 2 stylized legs you could choose a more aggressive look. – # 9. / Interactive and dynamic objects: doors, bridges, switches, fragile items, etc. – I would like in particular in this 5-halo, halo 4 with a bit of ingenuity you could do using only the parts of the Dominion (looking on youtube you will discover several videos, look like “Halo 4 Dominion inventions” makes the very idea)The form of HUD should change according to the spartan helmet we choose. The customization of armor halo reach was the best for me and still is, you can put it back? For the rest of the wish list I listed everything is fine.

    Here are some aspects to vehicles:
    http://guiltyspark.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/hornet-Halo-4-concept.png (must be restyled for halo 5)
    http://www.halodestiny.net/images/news/ih_falcon02b.jpg (must restyled for halo 5 too)

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