Podtacular 423: Guardians Unite

Yesterday, thousands of Halo fans were united in celebrating the announcement of Halo 5: Guardians. Master Chief’s journey continues Fall 2015, but people are already excited and speculating on where Chief’s journey is taking him, who is this new Spartan depicted in the teaser image and dissecting every pixel of the concept art posted by Frankie. Even knowing so little about the game, the recent actions of 343 have not gone unnoticed and Bonnie Ross’s statement about embracing the community has given Halo fans a new spark to gleam on. Epic news of epic proportions calls for an epic podcast, so we pulled some of the best minds from the Halo community to talk about this monumental announcement. Joining us is Greenskull (@Greenskull) from Ready Up Live, Mark Turcotte (@MarkTurc) from Guardian Radio, Vanirfreyja  (@Vanirfreyja) from GrifballHub and the former BigTeamBattle.net, Laird (@LairdSVF) from Halo Collector, SaUcEySOARS (@SaUcEySOARS) from Beyond Entertainment, Matty McDee (@MattyMcDee) from /r/Halo, and lastly Chance King (@HaloDispatch) from Halo Dispatch.  Make sure to check out all of our guests and their sites and show your support for the Halo community.

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21 Responses to Podtacular 423: Guardians Unite

  1. Phastroh says:

    The other Spartan is not a Spartan it is Cortana. Why else the Cortana Blue Glowing Visor.

    Ok that’s probably not it but it is crazy and possible so….. Not sure why they have the glowing blue though standing out. It sure looks like a girl Spartan if in fact it is a Spartan. I have not read anything I only saw the picture so maybe they said more about it.

    It sire has that eerie glow like the Promethians did. Not even saying it is a Promethian but I can’t believe it is a Spaetan.

  2. Rommel S says:

    Frankie stated on NeoGaf, (at least I think that’s where I saw it), shortly after the announcement that the ONI Spartan, Spartan X, is not Sara Palmer or even a woman for that matter.

  3. Gagnon 30 says:

    Okay, I have defended 343 A LOT with Halo 4. But personally, I will TOTALLY HOPE that the idea one of your co-hosts mentioned being only a supporting character to Master Chief in H5 is one that I pray WONT HAPPEN. For 343 because its too ‘risky’ with the backlash of ‘non traditional Halo’ with H4. For me because it is something I would rank behind getting a kick to the nuts in the line of things I’d like. (Yet ahead of playing Destiny.. echhh)

  4. Drake says:

    Actually Halo 3 has sold alot more then Halo 4, Halo 4 was the most sold game in its franchise in the US alone at one point but not Worldwide. Crazy to think Halo 4 just barely passed Halo 3 at one point in sales considering that Halo 3 came out when there were ALOT less consoles sold

  5. Gagnon 30 says:

    Drake, well written. But one can argue that there was also alot more competition for Halo 4 it its lifespan compared to what was there when Halo 3 was out. MIND YOU: I personally think Halo is etter than H4!

  6. Phastroh says:

    Ok so this probably doesn’t mean anything I am sure but I flipped the photo over and this is the absolute only photo I can find with the Master Chief holding the trigger of the gun with his left hand.

    I googled and only in photos where he is dual wielding is his left hand on a trigger.

    While it means nothing I can’t believe that, it is so strange in 12 years or whatever this is the first one I have seen.

    Someone probably knows better.

  7. Gagnon 30 says:

    Being left handed.. I am offended! (lol) Interesting find, but probably just a graphical error where image was inverted and this detail was overlooked.

  8. Phastroh says:

    Sorry 343 you can’t be overlooking something like that.

    I personally won’t loose sleep over it but what monkeys are working on this artwork to let this happen. Frankie better bust out a Mister Chief the same way now.

    What a total blunder hahahaha nice Master Chief. I actually can’t see it being an inverted issue because his gash is on the right side it is supposed to be so I think 343 should really fix that dumb left handed MC.

  9. Phastroh says:

    Another thought! I can see the reason may be so it looks like a reflection but then the whole body should match to justify the left handed MC. It is obviously 2 different people meant to be similar to a reflection but whatever fix the gun or make the ONI left handed not the MC.

  10. Gagnon 30 says:

    Hey… a superhuman should be ambidextrous!

  11. Rommel S says:

    You guys notice the BR has a red dot holographic site on the top rail, not a scope?

  12. Phastroh says:

    I do now! Good notice.

  13. Dust Storm says:

    The Chief is supposed to be a reflection and you can tell how the bottom background looks like a miraged reflection of the top, so it makes sense that it would “appear” left handed imo.

  14. Phastroh says:


    I rotated the photo and did not just flip it. The gun is in the same hand as the side of the braile(sp) on his left chest plate and not the gashed right chest plate side. Many people don’t care and I won’t lose sleep but for longtime detailed serious Halo fans it had to be sad to see in a way. I suppose it does annoy me but not enough to hate it.

    Why not make the MC right and make the ONI bum left handed?

  15. Gagnon30 says:

    Because I believe it was artistic shot and MCs image being on bottom was the water reflecting and thus had to have gun on that side. I think people are playing too much into this…

  16. Dust Storm says:

    It’s probably just artistic freedom and a tiny oversight. They’ve made little artistic decisions before. Also, just because he has it in what appears to be his left doesn’t mean he’s left handed.

  17. Phastroh says:

    Hey guys I totally agree. I personally have 99% of a non-issue with it.

    I just feel like in 12+ years it is a small surprise to see it. I tried to google one but only found that toy with it in his left hand.

    My final thought on it is simple.

    It is silly but I can’t totally disagree with some of the over serious people who find it annoying and a blunder. I would say it is just as bad if Voltron had the red lion of the wrong arm haha I am kidding.

    I would love to ask Frankie what he thought about it you know just to hear what he thinks or even if he noticed.

    Love the show by BTW. I am not into a lot more then campaign but I do learn stuff I would otherwise ignore.

  18. Bullfrog says:

    Really enjoyed the podcast. It got me thinking.
    Some wild and not so wild theories as to what Halo 5 may cover:
    There are some story threads as yet unresolved – the didact’s survival of the end of Halo 4 (given the cover art of Escalation #9, this is virtually confirmed).
    Halsey & Jul having half the Janus Key.
    Spirit of Fire return – this gives us potentially three more Spartan IIs.
    My theory is as follows: a game where you get to play both characters as shown on the released art. John-117 discovers Halsey has been taken by Jul M’dama, and resolves to acquire her. ONI/UNSC don’t seem to see the importance (as per Escalation Graphic Novels), so John-117 is ‘rogue’ for this purpose. The events in the rest of the universe convince the UNSC/ONI that the Janus Key may well be important, and that whatever was done to John-117 by the librarian may be key to either the retrieval of the key, or once the key is retrieved, actually accessing what it shows. So the ONI Spartan goes hunting Halsey / Janus Key / John. The ONI Spartan may have a directive to kill Halsey, then again its possible given Thorne’s testimony that the kill order is at least on hold.
    For John-117 to work his way to Jul M’dama, he would need to talk to covenant. So he makes his way to the arbiter, to get some intel. This may be via some of the outer colony worlds that are trading with covenant (as per the Kilo-5 trilogy). I would expect the threads around the Spirit of Fire coming back to woven in here, including the ongoing hostility between Brutes and Elites, Elites and Jackals, and Elites and Elites. The ONI Spartan would be pursuing a similar path, but may be able to bypass several of the steps that John-117 has made, due to having a large organisation to back him up (as opposed to John, who is probably given a boost along by Lasky and potentially other Spartan IIs, but that’s about it). Really wild theory – John-117 gets the insurrection to give him a hand.
    At some point during the game, the ONI Spartan and John-117 meet, and due to circumstances ally themselves (this may be a somewhat forced alliance, in that neither would survive without the assistance of the other).
    I suspect the mission will end on the ark, that Mendicant Bias will be a key part of the overall mission narrative (required to counter the didact / the flood / both / fully utilise the Janus Key). And much like the end of Halo 2, there will be a clear mission to continue on for Halo 6 (as per the final words of Halo 2, “finishing this fight”). I suspect that Halo 5 will be a major set up for the final chapter in the Reclaimer Saga.
    Early missions of the ONI Spartan could actually including briefing notes on what is going on in the Halo Universe at this point, to fill in the gaps for those who haven’t read all the other supporting material (so the first mission is in fact both a ‘how do you play’ and also a ‘fill in the background’ mission. And much like other Halo games, as you find terminals, you get even more background info.

  19. Phastroh says:

    @ Dust Storm

    I remembered during this podcast their was discussion on what was on the ONI Spartans helmet. I forgot but that same day I read a review and it said it is the alternate ONI logo and it had the triangle thing with the bird or eagle in it and it looked pretty close to what you can see on the helmet.

    If I have learned anything over the years is that your teased one thing and given something very different at the end. They are very good at teasing us with say the cloak video then watch what we get.

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  21. Phastroh says:

    Has anyone thought that there could be the possibility that the reason the ONI Spartans visor is blue is because they recovered Cortana and this symbolizes that she is being used by ONI to gather information she has from being inside the Forerunner Network.

    In a weird twisted way this artwork just represents this idea and isn’t actually her plugged into the suit just working for ONI or something like that whether willingly or unwillingly. They could have said the Master Chief died or something like that to get her to just work with them and not be against helping them.

    While this may seem crazy it really isn’t and who knows what crazy story is going on. It is like they are making it the MC against the government now so…..

    He is supposedly exploring his past so maybe this ties in and he rebels for them stealing his life away, etc. Just saying it could be possible. What better way to have him discover his humanity by seeing it was stolen away. Many people have already told him things like he is not a machine, etc. I am really excited to see what happens.

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