Podtacular 407: Halo Bowl-orama

The long anticipated wait for Brent is over as he is back in the co-host seat where be belongs thanks to one of our listeners, Godzilla Todd. We had him on the show for episode 405 and we appreciate his contribution to the show. Hive him a shout out on Twitter; he deserves it. To welcome back Brent to the podcast, the rumor mill gives us info that hints at the possibility of a Halo 2 Anniversary coming out this year delaying Halo 5 until next year. Again, these are just rumors and should be treated as such until official confirmation has been given. This weekend, 343 is hosting it’s Halo Bowl, a spin off of the Turkey Bowl done back in November last year where the team colors have been changed to reflect this year’s Super Bowl teams. Monday we see the return of Team SWAT followed by the highly anticipated Heavies playlist two weeks from then. More details about matchmaking updates and a Franchise Writer position available at 343 Industries is available in this week’s Halo Bulletin.

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