Podtacular 401: Brevet Mutation

We are back from taking off a week for Thanksgiving here in the US and lots of things happened between the special Turkey Bowl playlist and Black Friday deals that appeared in the Halo Bulletin from two weeks ago. This week we also celebrate 343 day: the 343rd day of the year on December 9th. There are some fun festivities including a live stream happening and the ability to unlock the Commando helmet and Resistor mod. Details on 343 day is in this week’s bulletin along with matchmaking updates including Race releasing on Monday and the announcement of Escalation. We also talk about some of the upcoming changes with Podtacular, the final contestant of The Halo Mole, and our Halo Community Appreciation Giveaway. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 401: Brevet Mutation

  1. TJayce says:

    I hope Halo 5 is close to H1,2,3 instead of Reach or 4. That doesn’t mean i want a carbon copy or a “remake”, Halo 1-3 were great games that kept the core of its gameplay but innovated in many different areas in the game.

  2. Tetrahedrite says:

    Do you believe Ricochet was made in part to promote the NFL’s partnership with the Xbox One?

  3. Gagnon 30 says:

    Im glad your guest pointed out Reach was not as beloved as people seem to think. For me Halo bottomed out with Reach, and YES, BUNGIE was responsible for that. 343 tweaked the changes Reach brought to make them better. The fact is however, things like custom loadouts and the points to rank up system are mandatory in this type game gendre and unavoidable. If people dont like Halo 4 , then play old versions of Halo you like and stop spamming community corners complaining! (Not directing that at Podtac, its to the community in general)

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