Podtacular 398: Happy Birthday Halo 4

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This week marks the birthday of Halo 4. One year ago we were on the edge of our seats in anticipation waiting for this game to release at retail only to go home and play the Campaign and War Games. Now a year later we look at the transformation that has happened to the game and the franchise, some good and some not so good. In celebration, they released a video with some of the crazy stuff they did with the game that didn’t make it to the final version. If you check on this week’s Halo Bulletin, you get a glimpse at some of the festivities they had at the studio. Mini Chief was at the party assisting Spartan Bravo in cutting the Halo 4 birthday cakes. In the midst of celebration, details of the next rotational playlist, Multi-Team is out with the playlist dropping this Monday with the community choice of Multi-Regicide. Enjoy

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