Podtacular 393: Halo Free

Back from his extended hiatus, Brent Gamer is back in the co-host hot seat to help bring the news of the latest Halo happenings. Xbox has announced that this month’s Games for Gold include Halo 3, which will be free to Gold subscribers on October 16th. Halo 4 Game of the Year edition also drops this week including all the DLC released to date including a few GotY exclusives. From this week’s Halo Bulletin, The Ricochet forge contest by Certain Affinity ends this week and Countdown gets a Forge remake in Halo 4. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 393: Halo Free

  1. Gagnon 30 says:

    I loved flash grenade in Halo 3, it was a good tactical piece when playing things like CTF!

    That being said, Halo 3 was the pinnacle of Halo IMHO, as Brent said. (And ODST sicne effectively it was add on) now with Reach and Halo 4, the gmaes makers, Bungie and 343 looked at different things driven largely by community input and tried to make everyone happy. They should have limited this and did what they are professionals at, making games, which includes marketing that has a reasonable limit on community input.

    I do enjoy Rerach and Halo 4 alot, in fact I feel Reach was the bottoming out of Halo, that H4 was better than Reach, but H3 for me is favorite.

  2. Phastroh says:

    Ok guys since you brought up so many good points and memories with Halo 3 I felt the need to post a few comments here and hopefully you have an opinion.

    1) I did post and it is still on their website how Halo 3 would end. I posted a theory and it was right. Basically I posted that the Master Chief would have to pass through a portal to activate something and would not be able to return in order to save the Earth. Not perfect but essentially right. Not sure why but all things pointed to that. I came to my final conclusion after reading an article from someone who saw the game prior to release. They did not reveal the final story but they said it was sad but not in a Halo 2 kind of way. GO figure.

    2) You talked about the believe campaign. I also felt and still feel it was the best ever in gaming history. My issue comes with how they had soldiers who were clearly in their 60’s and maybe even 70’s saying they never saw the Master Chief again yet he returns to Earth in Halo 4. I suppose they can cover it by saying the fact he was found was never released to the news but really? Hey the guy who saved the planet should at least get a damn parade. Even in Halo 4 his heroic were pissed on by some people. Every human should be kissing his boots yet nobody says crap to him except I appreciate what you did in the past. Halo 5 better address it. Even in Halo 2 he got a damn medal.

    3) Brent had it right. I too even remember driving in my car and for whatever reason having this feeling of nervousness about what the Covenant uncovered and what it meant for planet Earth as if it were real. It was then I had to take a step back and say, uh ok this is a freakin game get over it. That announcement trailer was the absolute best ever made. I did get booted of Bungie.net for a while because I was arguing with one of their employees that the announcement trailer was not seemless like they said because in one scene there are Banshees flying over the portal and then in the next scene they vanished. Uh yeah that may be running in engine but clearly it was cut and edited. I was booted because they did not like that. Many posts asking about it vanished.

  3. Phastroh says:

    Ok I wanted to add something else. You guys were talking about Gamestop and the developers.

    The whole idea the developer deserves a cut from the sale of used game is totally laughable and insane.

    That is the same as every time a used car is sold Ford or Toyota should get a cut or when you buy anything at a Pawn Shop the manufacturer deserves a portion.

    Used is used and the original maker in not entitled to one red cent of it. DO you really think when Chevy sells a used car that the manufacturer gets paid again. I think not.

    The whole argument is absurd and the makers of the games have NO argument. No other industry gets paid twice for their items.

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