Podtacular 392: Gotta Collect Them All

The Halo Universe is massive and envelops a wide range of entertainment and fandom, whether it be the Halo mythos, to machinima, to cosplayers. While Halo is a mature rated game, it doesn’t mean that there are those of the younger audience to be left out. One, perhaps under-recognized corner of the Halo Universe suitable for all ages is the collectables like Halo Mega Bloks and McFarlane toys. Like many other communities in the greater collective, the collectors out there are among the most passionate Halo fans, and who better suited to have HaloFanForLife, Gagnon and The Lionheart on to discuss the wide array of Halo collectables. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Halo Bulletin for the latest matchmaking updates too. Enjoy

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