Podtacular 390: Pax Prime 2013

Three weeks have passed since the start of the Pax Prime 2013 weekend hanging out with the Ready Up Live crew. Our weekend started with our flight Wednesday morning out to Seattle, packing a Tahoe full of people and luggage, and running out to our first dinner destination, Wingdom. From there, the weekend unfolded with pre-Pax parties, sight-seeing excursions, the Halo 4 Global Championship, the show floor, panels and post-Pax goodbyes. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with GrifballHub, HaloGAF, Beyond Entertainment and our favorite Halo Waypoint staffers. Joining us on the podcast to help recount the tales of old are Minolta1034, Mcky 126, Rebel Rouser, Drax122, Start a R1OT and Nak3d Eli. Enjoy

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