Podtacular 388: Bullseye

Earlier this week, the Champions Bundle hit the Xbox marketplace, which includes the Bullseye Pack filled with Pitfall, Vertigo and the newly acclaimed Ricochet. You’ve had the chance to play the maps and gametype, now meet the team behind the pack. We have the pleasure of having Tom Potter, Senior Producer and Steve Young, Lead Level Designer from Certain Affinity to break down what’s included in the pack. Get an inside look into the development of the maps and how the Ricochet gametype came to be. Enjoy

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  1. Really enjoyed this episode. Finding out what went into a map, the motivations and methods, Ricochet tips and how that came about, etc. – #388 was full of goodness.

    Being able to hear what the developer was thinking, and to have those questions to be directed at the community from a fan – awesome stuff. Thank you!

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