Podtacular 386: When Champions Rise

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The Halo 4 Global Championship is on week 4 of it’s five week qualifier and we finally have the first three confirmed winners of the online portion, courtesy of this week’s Halo Bulletin. Next week’s gametype is Legendary Slayer with the addition of Legendary BRs. Five new multiplayer medals are coming along with the Bullseye Pack as well as the first details around the Gamescon portion of the championship. AGL 9 is also this weekend in Atlanta, GA so make sure you go over to Twitch and support competitive Halo. We also get to jump into our mailbag and see what you guys have sent over. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 386: When Champions Rise

  1. Jeff says:

    343i has said multiple accounts is legal as long as you own the accounts, there is nothing wrong with it.

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Duststorm, why did you think it was bad that 343i invited Halo “pros”? Isn’t this a tournament for the best of the best? Why wouldn’t they invite people who are the best…………….

  3. Dust Storm says:

    There are other people out there that, while they are not proclaimed pros or unable to attend every competitive event, are as skilled if not more so than some of the pros that won’t get these extra chances the pros get. It also does not give people the incentive to participate since pros get a special chance to make it into the finals. There are also people around the world that are good at Halo, not just AGL players, so I fail to see how inviting winners from an American based event whose winners are, while great Halo players, fail to represent the best of the entire Halo community is truly a global championship that provides incentive for people to play and get into Halo for a chance to compete. I am aware that 343 reserved the right to invite people based on other criteria and I have nothing against the proclaimed professional Halo players, but the method of doing so on 343’s behalf I do not agree with.

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