Podtacular 377: Gaming Regressed

We missed the matchmaking update last week because of E3 and the lack of the normal Halo Bulletin, so we decided to go over the changes. You can now play as mini Spartans in the Team Action Sack playlist. There are some other changes as well, but we’re here to talk about today’s Microsoft update to their DRM policy. The change includes pulling back on essentially everything that was said DRM related at the #XboxReveal removing things like your online game library, family and friends sharing with up to 10 people, instant access to your library of games from any Xbox one and the 24-hour check in. Games will be able to be bought, sold and traded as it currently stands today with the added bonus of no region enforcement of discs. Throughout the day, websites started hinting at this press release and it finally came to fruition, however, there are mixed views about whether this was the right move on Microsoft’s part, as adequately summed up over at Gizmodo. What’s your opinion? Shoutouts to Drax from Ready Up Live and HaloFanForLife (HaloFanForLife.com) for joining the discussion. Enjoy

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9 Responses to Podtacular 377: Gaming Regressed

  1. Rommel S says:

    With the new system can’t you buy games, (on the XB1), on day one of release digitally if you choose not to buy the a game on a physical disc? If so, that should solve your problem of having to take discs with you when you travel.

  2. Tetrahedrite says:

    ^ Yes, that is correct. Microsoft still wants to Push the power of the Cloud even with these changes.

  3. Dave says:

    IMO the real innovation is the cloud power and dedicated servers not family sharing.

  4. Dust Storm says:

    Yea, it was the cloud features and we just lost a huge chunk of it with them going back on their DRM. Being able to share with friends and family via the cloud, being able to play games from the cloud on any console, etc.

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  6. Sean says:

    The Cloud Feature “Family Sharing Plan” was allegedly confirmed by a Microsoft employee on paste-bin to be, Quote
    “When your family member accesses any of your games, they’re placed into a special demo mode. This demo mode in most cases would be the full game with a 15-45 minute timer and in some cases an hour. This allowed the person to play the game, get familiar with it then make a purchase if they wanted to.”
    this is far from a one time purchase that would grant simultaneous game access to two players. this news coincides with Microsoft stance on “Physical Game Copy Sharing”

    Kotaku article link below..

  7. ReedemedSparatan05 says:

    Ya I saw the same article as Sean and it saved me from sending a long submission. I find it strange that people want to get away from the once a day DRM check, when most of the best games from E3 are going to be online only like Destiny, Titanfall, and possibly the Division. While other games such as Forza 5 and Watchdogs are taking extreme advantage of the cloud computing available with the Xbox One, so these games seem if they don’t have to be connected to play, will not work as well. Additionally I don’t know why Microsoft couldn’t have allowed you to play games without an internet connection as long as the disc is in the Xbox One with the previous DRM model, and there’s no telling if down the line Microsoft decides to change the DRM back to the original plan, or something of the two.

  8. Unip8 says:

    Hey Dusty love the show keep up the good work but to tell the truth I don’t think you guys quite understand the real implications of Xbox one in that game ownership (on the Xbox) would be dead.

    I’ll use Halo as an example

    Remember when halo 2’s servers shutdown ? How upset people were and how much it sucked that you could no longer play matchmaking. Imagine halo 2 was on the Xbox one and when the xbox one servers shutdown you would no longer be able to check in. Therefore you could not play any games whatsoever (halo 2s campaign and LAN would shutdown as well) and you would be left With nothing but an empty disk (assuming you bought physical) and nothing more but shattered memories. Just imagine if every single one of your Xbox 360 and orginal Xbox games were taken from you forever. If this policy was to continue halo 5 and other titles would be lost to history.

    This is why Im a console gamer

    Thanks for reading, love the show

  9. ReedemedSparatan05 says:

    hey Unip8 I believe Microsoft would keep that in mind, and rather than terminating servers for the Xbox One, they would expand the amount of servers for the new console. But I also understand the argument you present where Microsoft decides they don’t want to maintain the servers, and you wouldn’t be able to play some of your favorite games, but to compensate they could just remove the DRM at the end of the console’s lifespan.

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