Podtacular 373: Matchmaking Overhaul

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The latest Halo Bulletin details the vision behind making Spartan Assault a reality by an excerpt from Frankie. There’s still some concern over making it Windows 8 exclusive of course which leads us into one of our many tangents. We also talk about the changes to the maps made across matchmaking giving War Games a fresh new feel. Enjoy

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One Response to Podtacular 373: Matchmaking Overhaul

  1. Audacia LeStroud says:

    I haven’t listened for a while, but I’m glad that you guys can still overlook the title of “Halo” and see the issues that others in the community have seen. They’ve probably been the cause of driving the away that peak 400,000 player population. It’s unfortunate when I see some people still trying to excuse the game’s faults and how they have not been addressed until 8 months post launch. While I’m glad to see a playable halo with a sustainable population and a 4sk BR, and now finally more set weapon spawns on map, I still feel as if this “soft launch” last November has really been a blow to the community. It was just a failed attempt to get the edge on Black Ops 2 a week before its release after seeing the release date leak. I agree with the thoughts on how Halo cannot successfully usurp Call of Duty’s success by poorly executing their game with loadouts, unlocks, and armor mods; I wish that 343i would realize the real reason to play is for fun skillful gameplay rather than trying to mimic this instant gratification. Also appreciate the honest opinions on Microsoft trying to market the Windows 8 platform to us like they did with Vista and Halo 2. Thanks for the entertaining thoughts and perspective on the game, and to brighter days ahead in Destiny and Halo 5.

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