Podtacular 372: Assaulting Announcement

Yesterday, Waypoint announced Halo: Spartan Assault, a new game built for the Windows 8 platform. Lots of speculation has been generated regarding the title on the basis that it is exclusive to Windows 8 PCs and mobile platforms. We have seen Halo do something similar in the past with Halo 2 Vista trying to promote a platform that is not being highly adopted by consumers. With fans already on the fence about 343 Industries ability to foster the Halo franchise, what does this title hold in the balance of the future of Halo? On a positive note, we will get to play as Spartan Palmer between the timelines of Halo 3 and Halo 4, giving us some back story into her time as a Spartan. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 372: Assaulting Announcement

  1. Phastroh says:

    Just a comment on the sound effects and man hours – Didn’t Microsoft retain all the property with respect to Halo so who cares if it sounds like Reach. Not only that the story itself is prior to Halo 4 so why would you want the sounds of Halo 4 anyway?

    On the topic of man hours. I highly doubt the time probably spent helping on the new game would even have any effect on the development of Halo 4. I would love to hear some real examples especially when nobody even knows who would have been helping.

    Geesh Dust Storm could probably do the damn job so why would they need a high level advisor. I can see approval and things but they are told what to make and what the story is so I doubt it was such a high level employee(s) needed during development since it was most likely a frame the had to follow.

  2. Phastroh says:

    That was not a knock on Dust Storm lol just an example that other people know a ton of stuff about Halo

  3. Dave says:

    Love the look and sounds of Spartan Assault, sounds like Halo ….

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