Podtacular 371: Weapon Tuning Complete

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For the last two months, Waypoint has been giving us updates in their weekly bulletins on the weapon tuning undergoing for Halo 4, hoping to restore some balance to the weapons in the Halo sandbox. Thanks to the efforts of the community and the feedback 343i has received through their forums, we now have the final set of changes of the weapon tuning. Granted, the actual numbers are not supplied for all the changes, but having a final picture gives us a good picture of what’s to come in the next few days. Waypoint is also holding a community playdate on Monday when the update drops. Enjoy

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  1. Dave says:

    Just like Bungie said “Gameplay comes first, story and multiplayer should be separate”. You can have sprint in campaign or even a toggle on/off for customs but for gameplay purposes sprint should not be in core multiplayer.

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