Podtacular 370: Two Worlds

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We are two weeks away from the new weapon balancing being updated across the board for matchmaking. Not too long ago, some community members were flown out to 343 to play test the current implementation and got some good quality feedback for the content of this week’s bulletin. In some other, not specifically Halo news, the official trailer for Destiny was released. It’s a mix of live action and in-engine capture and it is looking really good. Nak3d Eli takes this seat as this week’s co-host to bring you this epic news. Enjoy

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  1. Brent says:

    I love the way the Destiny trailer’s narrator smiles while he reads the story to his son. In our current culture of stories that revolve around destruction and despair, Destiny is shaping up to be a story of hope and optimism that stands against the odds.

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