Podtacular 369: #XboxReveal Community Discussion

Yesterday’s Xbox Reveal showcased the new Xbox One, revolutionizing entertainment in the living room from how we watch TV to how we play video games. But what do we have to say about it? What benefits have been brought to the table that will benefit the current Xbox 360 gamers and cause them to go shell out money this holiday to get the latest and greatest? We bring you this special roundtable discussion featuring many community leaders to talk about the entire Xbox Reveal presentation including the Recap done by Major Nelson. Of course, we could not let the news of the new Halo TV series slip by our fingers either, so sit back and relax to our three and a half hour discussion on the Xbox Reveal. Joining the roundtable discussion along with Brent Gamer and myself are Lady Luck (GTR), CMNeir (Halo Tricks), Nak3d Eli (YouTube’s Nak3d Halo) HaloFanForLife (HFFL), Ducain (YouTube’s Ducain23, RUL), Goosechecka (GBH), Kalbelgarion (GBH), The Texorcist (GBH), Kete (TRR), Justin Bryce (Drunken Halo), Drax122 (RUL), Micky (RUL), blueamcat (RUL) Chewy (RUL), and Molten Slowa. Enjoy

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