Podtacular 362: Tuning 4ork

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Before diving into this week’s bulletin, CruelLEGACEY tells us about Playtime Season 4 premiering on Halo Waypoint on Monday, April 22nd. Playtime is a light-hearted, comedic Halo Machinima series started by our good friend and has grown considerably since its inception. Back on bulletin news, AGL Nashville happened this last weekend with the crowned champions of Pulse eSports. This sparked a discussion among the hosts on the attractiveness of competitive to the greater community, leading also into the discussion of Halo’s longevity. They take up a good chunk of the show, but great points are brought up. Some insights into the weapon tuning are given along with next week’s matchmaking update. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 362: Tuning 4ork

  1. Dave says:

    People did complain about Spartan Ops, on waypoint forums and on waypoints youtube videos. People thought it was boring, I agree that spartan ops was boring until the second half but id rather have a combination of ODST Firefight with the Firefight customization from Reach.

  2. Cardo 8 ATL says:

    Brent, send me a game invite. I’ll get you your first elusive Daybreak CTF win ;)

  3. The Reclaimer says:

    I need someone’s opinion. What would you think of a halo title with star wars battlefront II style of gameplay (class based warfare). If you don’t know the game I’m referring to please look up some gameplay. It’s an incredible idea that needs to be taken to the Halo universe instead of star wars. It would be a great competitor to Destiny.

    Oh and did I mention it has space combat as well? Just imagine…sabres/broadswords vs seraphs/space banshees…or pelicans and phantoms, carrying multiple passengers….I could go on and on….

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