Podtacular 359: Castle, Soundtrack, Ranks

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The Castle Map pack is just around the corner meaning quite a big matchmaking update is due. Coinciding with the map pack release is also the Competitive Skill Rank system, showing your true skill to the whole world. This week’s bulletin covers the release schedule for Castle content including the Achievements dropped Tuesday along with the upcoming introductory map videos and Sunday’s live stream. I can tell you from my experience at PAX East these maps will not disappoint those ready for some bigger team gameplay. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular 359: Castle, Soundtrack, Ranks

  1. Cardo 8 ATL says:

    Holy crap… I just remembered… Do y’all remember CTF multi-team on Warlock in Halo 2?? CTF multi-team on Waterworks, too. Not kidding… WATERWORKS. And it was awesome.

  2. Gagnon 30 says:

    Kudos where its due, Brents little segment on “Had Star Wars ended like Mass Effect” had me literally laughing out loud on the car ride home.. causing me to cut off another driver. (But the guy deserved it.)

    PS: Do a segment on Halo Mega Bloks.. dont be in denial Dusty…

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