Podtacular 358: Sparkast Postmortem

On today’s show, we break away from the norm of bulletin updates and talk about the latest Sparkast talking about Silentium and the Halo 4 Postmortem panel given my Josh Holmes at the Games Developer Conference. David Ellis sits down with Author/Writer of the Forerunner trilogy Greg Bear, Senior Writer Chris Schlerf, and Franchise Writer Jeremy Patenaude to talk about the recently released book in the Forerunner saga. In his GDC panel, Josh Holmes talks about the story integration and implementation in Halo 4 helping us understand all the elements that built the Halo experience from deep ties to Halo fiction, to integration of multiplayer into the story side of Halo. We talk about both presentations offering our opinions of the topics discussed. Enjoy

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One Response to Podtacular 358: Sparkast Postmortem

  1. Phastroh says:

    I have 2 points because I listen while working so it was all I could think of at this point.

    POINT 1 – Ordinance Drops

    Why would you try to argue against them, especially by saying how it let’s anyone get the weapons. First of all, so what and cool for the normal player and second, you don’t just get them, you have to do something good(kind of) which not all people can do.

    Even if you are right then it should not matter to good players as they should not be in a disadvantage no matter what bad players are carrying.

    THere are games for the good players where there are no drops allowed.


    I personally do not think Halo and its mechanics were ever designed for boss fights. Actually not many FPS even have good ones.

    To me Boss Fights are a thing of the past and fit more in maybe 3rd person shooters.

    Hell I would have been just fine of they would have made Boss Fights in Halo turn to 3rd person just for them alone.

    Old school games were more fitting for Boss Fights and to have a button sequence in it is just as bad as having it as the whole fight.

    I came up with many 3rd person action sequences to start off the levels similar to how COD had them in COD 2 where part of the level started off with your character already running.

    It would make the level start off in action instead of the typical 10 second delay before the firs enemies.

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