Podtacular 353: Storming the Castle

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Earlier this week, 343i released their Castle Map Pack Trailer giving us the first glimpse into the last map pack they announced back before the game’s release in November. In this week’s bulletin, more details for the medium-sized, vehicle heavy maps Perdition, Daybreak and Outcast were unveiled with more to come next week from media outlets. We slip into an early discussion about what 343 Industries needs to do to win back the core Halo crowd for the Halo franchise, but it’s a good discussion about multiple aspects about the current franchise standing. Nothing big on the playlist side of things other than more fine tuning, but with the promise of the “X” when you die. This week’s question: if you were the last of your race and about to activate the Halo array to wipe out all life in the galaxy, what would be your last words? Let us know in the comments, via voicemail, or send us an email. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 353: Storming the Castle

  1. Bioman998 says:

    My response? There’s gonna be a lot of X’s after this….

  2. giles says:

    Anyone else notice Brent gamer really needs to do a Cool Whip – Wheat Thins commercial with Brian & Stewey? “Why are you putting so much emphasis on the H? Say halo. halo. Say Halo3. HHALo3.”

    Y’all should just go back and play Heylo 3. ;) People are still playing that game. #MondayNightHHalo3

  3. agit says:

    Why? Halo 4 beats the living s*it out of Halo 3.

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