Podtacular 350: Dat Tarp

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Half way to 700 episode and we’re still rockin’ the mic with Halo news, and this week is not lack-luster. We had the Majestic Map pack drop this week giving us the chance to review the maps for ourselves and we really like what we see. By far it seems like the favorite is Skyline. Extraction is getting it’s own playlist next week as well as Spartan Ops recycling the second half of the season next week. The question of the podcast is a little more free form and open to hilarious responses: What has dat tarp done for you? Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 350: Dat Tarp

  1. Carts says:

    Now we need a Chops and Quirks gametype.

  2. Dat Tarp says:

    I was in a podcast wha? Awesome!!! :D You can follow me (Dat Tarp) on twitter @Halo4Tarp :)

  3. Bioman998 says:

    “Halsey is just going to get a prosthetic arm, and she’s going to shove it through Osman’s heart…”

    Well, that escalated quickly :P But, it does sound like an interesting plot twist.

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