Podtacular 343: Evolution of Grifball

An iconic episode is upon us as we reach our 343rd episode of Podtacular and how ironic that we cover the staple sport of Halo: Grifball! As most of you are aware, Grifball is not your run-of-the-mill custom; it’s an all out way of life for some Spartans. We mentioned briefly on our last show some of the history of the origins of Grifball, but now it’s time to pull back the curtains on how Grifball has evolved from it’s idea in Red vs. Blue to the fully fledged gametype we now have in Halo 4. Our special guest SquirrelBurrito from the National Grifball Association helps give us the rundown behind this epic sport. Enjoy

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4 Responses to Podtacular 343: Evolution of Grifball

  1. The Reclaimer says:

    I am going to go ahead and say that, aside from actual sports based games (FIFA, Madden NFL, etc.), that Grifball IS the greatest virtual sport to date (ever created), coming from not only a halo fan, but a sports fanatic as well. I know for a fact (mainly experience based) that Grifball takes as much, if not more strategy than most other virtual games.

  2. The Reclaimer says:

    Some may say SquirrelBurrito spoke a mouthful, but honestly, I could listen to her for hours on end. She not only has a personal belief, but experience and feeling to back it up. I can completely relate to when she said it feels weird when she comes back to play, say, just regular slayer. Ever since Halo 3 I can honestly say 70-80% of my total games played were with the SWAT game type. I honestly cannot get enough of that game type. But when my friends persuade me to play something different I usually get absolutely destroyed.

  3. Jon doe says:

    Grifball is the best! Nga is the best! Squirl is the best!

  4. Jul 'Mdama says:

    I spend a ton of time around the grifball community, and have found a home at grifball.net. Squirrel is an awesome person, and I’m happy to be a part of this community. By far, the NGA is the friendliest and most welcoming of all grifball sites, despite the fact it is so new. Some of the greatest people you could ever hope to meet reside here, check it out!

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