Podtacular 339: Bulletin Update

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This week marks the beginning of the second half of Spartan Ops Season 1 and the introduction to the Community Forge Test matchmaking playlist. Every week for the next five weeks, we will continue our Spartan IV career on Requiem as we partake in missions on new battlefields and environments. In the Forge playlist, try out six community made maps and provide feedback in the Waypoint forums to get your favorites included in the mainstream matchmaking playlists.

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11 Responses to Podtacular 339: Bulletin Update

  1. Doody Bound says:

    Brent is exactly correct. I wanted to be involved with people. Not to be noticed, but to talk about Halo or gaming in general. I didn’t care if people disagreed with me. At least then we would have a discussion. The podcast itself isn’t “dead”. I’m sorry about the miscommunication that made it sound like that’s what I meant. The community itself is what I meant to say is “dead”. I do feel however that the majority of the listeners could care less about involvement in the site, and that’s why I’m no longer involved with it. I’m still here listening, just not active.

    PS. You opened a cann of butt kicking and PGCR is gonna bring it! ;) jk

  2. Rommel S says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting involved in the Monday night matchmaking. Heck, my brother and I play every Monday night as it is. We play from around 6 pm till around 8 pm (EST). The problem is I have to get up for work around 5 am, so I’m going to bed around 8:30-9:00 pm every night. You guys are crazy staying up that late. What are all of ya vampires? Haha.

  3. Andrew Gagnon says:

    I seriously can’t believe that Dust Storm says nobody complains about Daft. He’s detriment to the show and is the biggest reason I don’t listen regularly to the show. I occasionally try to come back, but the show isn’t the same and frankly his potential presence on the show is a liability. SHOCKED in fact how you say others don’t complain about him.

    Dust Storm is a total asset to the Halo community, his hard work gets my applause to the highest regard. But Daft and the rants some other hosts do, which often are petty like one host bithcing about BS Angels comments on “probing” last fall showed me that some of your hosts don’t appreciate the position you have with her and 343 acknowleding your podcast. There seems to be a sence of entitlement and the feeling at times where some of your hosts are not giving opinions, but talking like their word is final, in angry tones where it seems they don’t appreciate Halo as the fun game and great community around it. If you don’t like what you see ans are not having fun, then get out of it.

    Dust Storm should not have fanboys only on show, but a show without petty rants regularly with loose cannons like Daft has crossed the line where now its not a Halo information podcast, but what often sounds like a bunch of monday morning quarterbacks bitching like they can grab the ball and play better than the pros.. Oh and that your all better than your listeners.

    As far as forums, I love forums, but Facebook pages have unfortunately replaced them.

    And you know what? Who cares about Pokemon!!

  4. Andrew Gagnon says:

    Forgot to add, the thought of 4 people only ever complaining about Daft. so people must be good with him. your assuming people will fill out a form to bitch if they dont like him. The reality id ask you to look at is instead, like me, Daft sours a listener so much, the listener just doesnt listen to the show as much or at all any more.

    PGCR is a Halo heavy, and Halo primary podcast, which between Halo releases when things are slow, has that link to other games to fall back on. They also are not slapped with a self labelled “Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast” which by that title gives you an obligation to be more neutral and report instead of complain so much. PT used to be great, and I hope it returns to that greatness.. but looking at trends it IS going down byt self inflicted neglegence of the community in CERTAIN key areas. I benchmark the total downfall where it started in my eyes when at Halofest thier round table discussion sounded more like people not apprciating the perks that PT earned after doing such a great community service for so long. As someone who worked in talk radio during university and a bit after, live recording sessions can be difficult to get quality from. But that 2 episode long orgy was a fall that the show hasnt recovered from as far as CONSISTANT quality. In a sprots analogy, there have been good games, but overall a pretty shitty season.

    Why doesnt PT look at other corners of the vast Halo Community they claim to be leaing it its universe? I am incredibly active in one part of it and not many at all even know who PT is.. even though prior to a certain point, it WAS a leader in Halo podcasts. Has PT now expect fans to come to them instead of being a true Community Service and looking for the fans?

  5. BrentGamer says:

    Great episode guys, we really hit it out of the park with this one. More Daft please!

  6. Andrew Gagnon says:

    Thats pertty well the current state of PT in a nutshell.. Brent Gamer the co host, mocks comments of a listener when Dust Storm asks for feedback. Way to go Brent.. way to prove mecorrect. You truley show why the idea PT is nowhere near the “Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast..” Classic Brent… pure classic.

  7. SK1LLZ says:

    Personally, I think Podtacular is a top tier halo podcast. Regardless of forum activity, etc. There are lots of pre established community hubs with forums like HBO ( The grandfather of the fan community)

    We used to have forums at PGCR but threw the switch and killed it long ago. We focused on Facebook and Twitter and never looked back.

    I would love to have Dustin, and the crew join us on PGCR for a show, and share thoughts on Halo 4’s campaign. It would be cool to sit down with you guys and do a show.

    Cheers guys!

  8. Doody Bound says:

    Gagnon, it’s gone far enough.

  9. Gamedude03 says:

    This place I found when looken for good “Halo” time to spend. I’m more of a listener then a person who reads around forums. heck, I could talk your brains out if we got a good topc like forge, custom games or the story of Halo.

    forums are ok by me, but I’m more verbal then texty. Lol :) XD ‘-‘

  10. Robowski says:

    I for one was excited/honored/insulted/ to be mentioned on your episode. Lots of emotions going on and I have my own opinions just like you. You don’t sign up for something like this unless your passionate about it in the first place. I am glad to have Doody Bound as a listener and he has done a lot to contribute towards our site/fb page. I’ll do a brief rebuttal in response to some of the comments made. I am only 1 of the 4 original hosts and when PGCR originated I wanted to have a Halo oriented Podcast where we focused mainly on Halo but my co-hosts were determined to label ourselves “The Halo Gamers Podcast, What Halo Gamers talk about”. Our go to game is Halo but like most Halo fanboys we are Video Game players. You would be depriving yourself of tons of great games if Halo was the only game you played. How else would you be able to say Halo is the greatest game out there? No one would respect your opinion because you would have zero credability. I’m not here to pick a fight but to be honest there are very few (steady) Halo podcasts out there. Anywho, I’m not here to point fingers and start fights but I’m proud of what we have done and I couldn’t ask for a better community. We started our show from the groud up and we haven’t looked back.

  11. Glewis says:

    I for one believe the success of one halo podcast would contribute to the success of another. Or really, the success of anything related to Halo would bring more success to the entire Halo community and thus each individual podcast. I like the idea of fostering a good relationship between various halo communities and let those communities do what they do best. At a time Podtacular was best at running a very engaging clan system and also hosting an awesome halo-related podcast. That was back in 2005. In 2013 Dust Storm is doing a very good job with creating various forms of media for the website and thats what Podtacular has become. If I were a regular on here as I was before I would focus on positive outcomes rather than potential negative thoughts. This is the internet, pride is pointless. Dust Storm loves to do what he does so he does it. I’m 100% positive the guys over at PGCR are as equally passionate as Dustin is and I support that. Creativity is a beautiful thing and I’m lucky to be apart of such a community (the halo one) that generates and expresses much creativity.

    Blah blah blah. Can’t we just play some good ole’ halo?

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