Podtacular 336: War Games Discussion

There has been a big debate going around the Halo community on the end product we have been given for Halo 4 War Games. While there are people on multiple sides of multiple issues, there is no doubt that Halo 4, like any other game, is not without its faults. Some of these bugs, glitches, or issues have been exploited, while others are pretty harmless, but create a double-take reaction when noticed. For many people, the game feels like something resembling a “beta” version, and on top of that ponder the question of why we didn’t have a public beta for Halo 4. Many of those questions and more we address on this show and hopefully give you some helpful answers to help but your thoughts to rest, or at least dormant for a while.

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4 Responses to Podtacular 336: War Games Discussion

  1. Jorge says:

    Basic Halo and COD difference.
    Halo = You aim.
    COD = You spray and pray.
    They are no that similar.

  2. cardo 8 atl says:

    4v4 to 60
    8v8 to 100

    so… 6v6 should be 80 – not 60. Damnit 343.

    Good ‘cast.

  3. The Reclaimer says:

    Honestly who cares. Microsoft stated themselves that if 343i made halo 4 any better (graphics, lighting, etc) than it already was, the xbox 360 wouldn’t be able to support such a game. Neither would any other console. So dont nag until next gen consoles arrive. The only thing i would imagine capable of handling a “perfect halo 4” would be a full out gaming pc with the best graphics card. You would need a pretty badass pc to play it ( i would think) , and im pretty sure console owners such as myself arent up to spending $500 + on a pc. I mean, i have a pretty good one myself, but i only use it to do homework and fap ;)

  4. Bioman998 says:

    One thing I don’t like, is that they call the rewards for completing specializations ‘armor mods’. While technically true, I would have expected them to use the empty spot on the armor card, instead of, in my case, FastTrack taking place of Firepower in my Tactical Package. It forces players to rethink their play-style, which really is annoying. Just my thoughts, hope this gets fixed up in a TU.

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