Podtacular 332: Halo 4 First Look

The time has come: Halo 4 is officially here! We have thoroughly enjoyed the game already and we hope that you all have too. Last week we took off, but we’re back with our first impressions of the game. Since we’ve seen a lot of multiplayer stuff already, this show focuses mainly on the Campaign and Spartan Ops in Halo 4. 343 Industries has done the Halo franchise its due diligence and has delivered one of the best Halo experiences. From it’s deep, complex Campaign story to its innovative Spartan Ops to its exciting War Games, Halo 4 delivers on every level. Enjoy

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7 Responses to Podtacular 332: Halo 4 First Look

  1. robb says:

    it says file not found. I have listened to other podcasts on this computer so I don’t think it’s because of that. let me know if it is just me please. thanks

  2. werth 12 says:

    I tunes download is broken too.

  3. NemesisTGD says:

    Downloaded it on Saturday from the direct link and listened to it today with no problems. I think they have over sold the storyline aspect of Spartan Ops, opinion subject to change as new episodes are released. I like it just fine as a game mode but I agree that the story so far is weak.

  4. Bioman998 says:

    Oh, Cortana, why?

  5. GuyGuy23 says:

    I enjoy this podcast because there aren’t a lot of podcasts that talk about halo now a days but the host is really starting to bug me. You bring on guest and then are just rude to them through out the entire show. You are very much the very definition of a XboxLive kid. Always trying to one up someone. Let the guests on your show share their opinions, rather then believing your opinion is the only valid one.

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  7. Lashon says:

    I’d just like to say, I have nothing against Quick Time Events but I wouldn’t want every cinematic in Halo 5 and 6 to become QTE heavy, just saying.

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