Podtacular 330: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 5

In the final installment of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Lasky, Chief and the rest of the cadets are making their way to the extraction point. It doesn’t take long for the Covenant to catch up and set up an ambush for the squat. As chief mans the turret and Silva and Orensky take out the Jackals with precision aim, Lasky is doing his best to drive the Warthog, until smashing into a Jackal and stalling the Warthog. It doesn’t take long for the main force of the Covenant to retreat and send in Hunters. While Chief takes care of the Hunter, the rest of the cadets make it to one of the training bunkers in the woods, where Silva meets her fate from being mortally wounded from a needle rifle round. At this point, Lasky has lost just about everything, and when Chief comes to pick them up after he takes care of the Hunter, he sees what Lasky is facing and say, “I’m sorry,” to Lasky, showing some humanity to this cyborg. They run from the other Hunter where Lasky eventually volunteers to be a decoy for Chief to take out the Hunter with only one remaining grenade. After the Hunter is taken out, Chief calls in the rescue Pelican, and they all get off the planet. Enjoy

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  1. Bioman998 says:

    I, am going to play through on Legendary. I find that the first play through is the easiest time to go for the higher difficulties. Wish me luck, I’ll probably get killed by grunts after blowing up the covenant armada.

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