Podtacular 325: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 4

Circinius IV has been invaded by a Covenant strike team. Lasky and the rest of Hastati’s quat run back to the barracks to take cover as they seen their fellow soldiers and cadets fall to the weight of the covenant. After Chen’s untimely death and Vicker’s heroic move to give the rest of Hastati quad more time, it seemed that all hope was lost and sure they were to be exterminated by a single Elite wielding a mighty energy sword. With precision timing and in typical fashion, Spartan 117, Master Chief assassinates the elites and saves the cadets from their impending doom. The cadets grab armor and weapons and head out for extraction. As they walked through the halls of the academy and the fields outside, they walk pass dead bodies as they learn they are the only ones left on the planet. Will they get out alive and get to the extraction point? Enjoy

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7 Responses to Podtacular 325: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 4

  1. JakFire says:

    Hastati’s quad? I guess the Krogan are going to make an appearance. Sorry Dust, couldn’t resist.

  2. djSRK says:

    Awesome show as always guys!

  3. Rommel S says:

    Good show.
    Dusty, you’ve never watched the original Predator movie? That movie has to be in the top 5 best sci-fi alien/extraterrestrial based movies of all time, (it has nothing to do with the Alien vs Predator movies made in latter years.).
    I’ve thought since Halo CE came out that Bungie used the predator’s face and its active camouflage as the inspiration for the elites.

  4. Thrashmaniac says:

    Yup, Rommel S is right. The mouth of the elites were inspired by predators’s. Personally predator is my favorite.

  5. Kurt says:

    Great podcast you guys! I always listened to the Bungie podcast and it doesn’t seem like 343 Industires is doing that many so great work!

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