Podtacular 317: Forger’s Delight

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It has been a while since we’ve received information about Halo 4 Forge, but today that changes. Gamespot has released a couple of videos that explores the Forge tool set a little more and reveals all three forging worlds in Halo 4: Ravine, Impact and Erosion. To help us along our forging adventure is CMNeir from the soon to be Halo 4 Tricks. Enjoy

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6 Responses to Podtacular 317: Forger’s Delight

  1. Luv Gunn says:

    What a painful painful experience this was… Dust Storm was fine but the other two… well, Daftlink seemed bored while CMnier was SO bored that he left the podcast in the middle to go get some food…

    We’re gonna have to work on this.

  2. LuisMcTweets says:

    PLEASE just get rid of Daft already. I don’t know how you can put up with him. I always start listening (and enjoying) the podcast and just have to shut it off once he goes into his rants. He’s never prepared for the discussion yet talks like he’s an authority on Halo. I’m starting to think he’s just trolling you, Dust.

    CM ordering food was ridiculous and you shouldn’t have left it in the podcast. I’m all for humor on these things but you guys gotta show some professionalism, or it’s hard to take you seriously.

    There’s plenty of people out there who are far more knowledgeable on Halo that you can get on the podcast (any active redditor from r/Halo could tell you the new Forge maps are more than tall enough to hold the Speed structure).

    You can do better Dust Storm. Please get rid of Daft!

  3. Dust Storm says:

    Daft had a family emergency in the middle of the podcast and Chris told me before hand that he would probably go get dinner during the show. The ordering was something we found entertaining for us so we left it in. I made a decision to keep it in and I stand by it. And the thing is, I don’t have everyone on Skype that I can just whip up in a moment. I have to pull from what I have free at the time and Chris was the first to get back to me on a moment’s notice and Brent was busy. I’m sorry this show didn’t turn out particularly well for you, but I do appreciate you posting and giving feedback.

    If you all want the funny stuff cut out, then keep commenting and submitting, cause that’s the way it will get done. There are plenty of other people who don’t mind Daft on the show and enjoy the funny tid-bits in the shows. If that is something the majority of the audience does not want, then I encourage them to speak up like you both have.

  4. Bioman998 says:

    I’m in favor of Daft and food orders…. just saying.

  5. LuisMcTweets says:

    Sorry, I guess I’m guilty of going on a rant myself there. To be clear it’s not the “humor” bits that bother me, I certainly don’t want the podcast to be completely dry; the food ordering bit just went on too long. My real issue is the blatant misinformation. Either be prepared to talk on the topic, or don’t speak so assertively. One thing is speculation but the certainty with which certain opinions were stated (eg. forge maps too small for Speed Halo) is just annoying. I listen to this podcast because I like to stay on top of all Halo news, and it’s annoying hearing people *on a Halo podcast* who haven’t taken the time to watch all the new videos and read all the new bulletins closely.

  6. Lashon says:

    I’m with Daft on this I’d love to see a Forge World-ish map in Halo 4, and I’m almost sure Daft isn’t in the minority on this, so don’t talk him down on this Dust Storm.

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