Podtacular 314: Halo 4 is Golden

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Just when we thougth we covered everything the weekend had to offer, EuroGamer drops more Halo 4 goodies for us. We’ve got a glimpse of yet another two maps and a new game mode that was leaked earlier last week. The new map Complex is what you would expect: a big Forerunner complex surrounded my some amazing scenery. On that map we got our first look at the new Flood Mode, which is 343i’s renovation of Infection. Ragnarok is a remake of the Halo 3 map Valhalla and on that map, the Mantis, which is the big mech, is playable as a vehicle. The Prometheans Weaponry video was released in this week’s bulletin to show off all six weapons. Links are provided in the shownotes for the first time, so look there to see the stuff we’re talking about. Enjoy

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9 Responses to Podtacular 314: Halo 4 is Golden

  1. Tyler says:

    I must say im am 13 and have been playing halo since i was five ( lol ) and this is my first real HALO release (reach being a prequel) and i got the LE to celebrate and i am pumped! The amount of polish is just great and they are actually trying to balance story and kickass gameplay

  2. john says:

    audio books dust storm…its so easy.

  3. Dust Storm says:

    I zone out way to easily for an audio book.

  4. Bioman998 says:

    DustStorm, play the Google Earth flight sim while you listen, that’s what I do when I listen to you guys.

  5. MisterSmi13y says:

    So you guys started talking about Cortana. Now I do not think they would kill her off. However, what makes you think she is safe? If 343 really wants to shake things up and make a really good narrative, sometimes killing off one of the main characters could be one of Halo’s defining moments. How would Chief handle the death of Cortana? How would the UNSC handle losing one of its biggest assets. Just think of how the death of Cortana would truly throw the series into chaos. Just saying, it could be interesting.

  6. Rommel S says:

    Dust storm, if your going to skip any book Evolutions is the one to skip. There’s some good stories in it, The Mona Lisa being the best one, but nothing that you would miss as far as any back story for Halo 4.
    Im pumped for The Thursday War, which comes out tomorrow. I bet I’ll have it read through within 2-3 days.

  7. Spartan LZ says:

    During the Halo 4 Golden podcast you mentioned that Halo 2 as on Vista, I just wanted to pass on to you and the listeners that you can now play Halo 2 (PC) on Windows 7. You have to download the new Xbox live (update) to get it to work.


  8. Ghoastchilly says:

    I posted in the monday night matchmaking thread about halo 2 vista with no response a while ago so I’m happy to hear people wanting to play. If anyone wants to do this one of these mondays lets do it.

  9. Dust Storm says:

    Thanks Rommel. I may do that.

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