Podtacular 311: Halo Council Interview

This week we join forces with The Halo Council, who has become the leader in bringing the Halo Community news about competitive Halo. Started back in the Fall of last year, it has been the new haven for competitive Halo players to get their fill on all info related to Halo 4 multiplayer. Ever since Halo’s loss of focus on the MLG circuit, the leaders of the competitive Halo community have brought together many pro players and have shown a different light on who they actually are: hardcore Halo fans just like the rest of us. Three people you probably have heard of quite recently join us to give us some history behind The Halo Council and to give us their thoughts on all of the latest Halo 4 info: CyRen, u4iX and LastMan. Enjoy

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  2. I really enjoy listening to you guys converse about Halo 4 Campaign, Spartan Ops, and War Games. However, I’ve been constantly thinking about the endless possibilities in Forge and Custom Games, and although 343 Industries hasn’t released much on Forge other than that first world exclusive they showed at RTX, with what I’ve seen from that event and PAX Prime 2012, I’ve been thinking about the possibilities of sports games in Halo 4 like baseball, soccer, football, and water polo. These are the first things I’m going to be building in Forge and hopefully I can make them truly legitimate. With Trait Zones, ball throwing and hitting, and everything else that we don’t yet know about Forge, I think the creative possibilities in this game are going to be endless! See you guys on Halo 4!

    Xbox 360 Gamertag: VTH Solomon

    (However, my gamertag may change in the near future. My clan and another clan may be merging together to form a new, larger gaming community to enjoy more of the social aspect of clan interaction. We all like to help our members complete achievements, challenges, and anything else. We are all about respecting our members, helping each other, and enjoying a social, engaging community. Our website is really plain and basic. We don’t exactly have anyone truly dedicated to engaging on the website. However, the other clan we may be merging with, Spartan Recon Force (SRF), does have an incredible website with a truly social, engaged online community. VTH is more active on Xbox than on the website. If you guys would like to check out SRF’s website, go to: srfglobal.enjin.com/, but you will have to make an account and get approved by SRF The Fenix to actually view the site. SRF The Fenix is the leader of SRF, she is older than I, and I am the leader of VTH at 24 years of age. If you guys would like to get in touch with us or you want to game with us, send us a message and let us know who you are. I have never heard of the Halo Council before but now this has peaked my interest. I’m thinking that if we could interact with the Halo Council this could create a great contact point for us to connect us to the rest of the Halo community and the world out there on the web. So if you guys would like to interact with us, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you guys!


    Gamertag: VTH Solomon (leader of Victory Through Honor (VTH); non-skill based clan)
    Age: 24 years old
    Website: victorythroughhonor.wetpaint.com/

    Gamertag: SRF The Fenix (leader of Spartan Recon Force (SRF); non-skill based clan)
    Age: unknown (older than me)
    Website: srfglobal.enjin.com/

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