Podtacular 307: Halo 4 Soundtrack and Achievements

Yesterday was a very special day: we got the announcement of the official soundtrack and the full achievements for Halo 4 on the bulletin. While the soundtrack certainly doesn’t have the classic Halo sound, it does provide a new experience: one that hopefully flows really well with the game. The achievements are mostly like you would expect, but there are some new ones that make sure you get the full Halo 4 experience. Enjoy

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13 Responses to Podtacular 307: Halo 4 Soundtrack and Achievements

  1. David says:

    Everything you say is offensive Daft. I still think you need to get off this show. You bash MLG, reddit, b.net, everybody who does not suck 343’s balls. Please, get him off. I love the podcast, but Daft ruins it.

  2. Lashon says:

    The ‘Green And Blue’ music track might have something to do with Master Chief’s Green armour and Cortana being Blue, just one Possibility.

  3. Boggratt says:

    While not quite the same as the title the military term ‘Green on Blue’ refers to a supposedly friendly force attacking your own side. Could it be something a bit like that?

  4. MisterSmi13y says:

    Just started listening to the podcast at the moment and thought I would say that even though I do not always agree with Daft I think it takes a big person to do what you just did. I commend you for going on the air to say what you did. I for one do not want you kicked off the show. I think your opinions on halo that may differ from the other speakers on the show keep them on their toes and you have a very specific role to the show. Somedays it is subtle, but the show would not be the same without you.

  5. DaftLink I17 says:

    Well David, I’m sorry that you’re still upset about my views. I guess I’ll try to clarify things.
    MLG: I simply think MLG gametypes aren’t that much fun because they strip so many gameplay aspects from the traditional Halo formula. I also think the community can be a little whiny and demanding sometimes as if Halo needs to be geared specifically toward them. Obviously, that doesn’t speak for every MLG player or fan, but it happens every now and then. I do at least appreciate that MLG is making games, especially Halo, more popular to more people than just the core crowd. I also hear that their events are fun and have free food and drink.
    Reddit: Like I said on the show, I’ve heard a few things about Reddit that didn’t really impress me but of course that can’t speak for everyone on Reddit, especially the Halo section. I apologized to our Reddit listeners and I do apologize once again.
    B.net: I think Bungie and their admins/mods can be a little cocky and snide toward their fans sometimes but at least they make great games. There are some pretty cool people on the B.net forums.
    That’s interesting that you think I kiss up to 343i. If you’ve really been paying attention, I’ve been much quicker to criticize them for mistakes at every turn than Dusty has been. I even implied a couple times that Dusty is softer on them to keep up appearances(half joke). I do try to play hardball with them when it’s appropriate. I DO NOT want us to be kissing up to them whatsoever.

    I hope I made things a little better.

    MisterSmi13y, thanks for the positive feedback!

  6. N0BLE 06 says:

    Hi Guys.
    Just wanted to write in and commend Daft for his candid words & appologies. I have only been listening for a relatively short time (episode 281 or so) and I must admit that I found Dafts political views/opinons less than appealing. However I had noticed that for the last 10 or so podcasts these aspects had been addressed and had disappeared. In regards to the Halo podcasts I find Daftlink to add an interesting dynamic. I have particularly enjoyed some of the “discussions” regarding possible weaponry in Halo 4 (Promethian Sword adaptation for UNSC use compared with the UNSC adaptation of the Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon for infintary use). Dusty and Daft make a great team and make Podtacular the best Halo podcast (In my opinion) It is evident that you both love Halo and have high expectations for Halo 4 (as all Halo fans have). Anyone how has listened to your podcasts will know that neither of you are 343 suckups but rather show constructive criticism where it is due (Dustys questioning the need for a compulsory 8GB hard-drive download for extra content).
    Anyway, keep up the great work guys. I look forward to every podcast and would not enjoy them half as much if Daftlink was missing!
    Keep on trucking. Keep on Fraggin.
    Keep on Fraggin them Trucks!

  7. CM says:

    Still think the show is 100% better with Daft.

  8. CM says:

    Edit: Still think the show is 100% better withOUT Daft.

    Spelling fail

  9. DaftLink I17 says:

    CM, could you please give some substance behind your claim?

  10. Samba says:

    I stopped listening because of the republican angle and/or talk, everyone got their right to an opinion and Daft has all the rights in the world to be a republican but that talk(political) doesn’t belong here, I don’t think. So I really appreciate what you said Daft and I will now start listening on a regular basis again.

  11. DaftLink I17 says:

    That’s great to hear, Samba!

  12. Shadow says:

    hahahah i agree daft has his own opions but i still think its okay to say watca gotta say, but daft ur doing a good job. i dont like some things u say but some things u also say are true, hahahaha sounds like how i talk to my bros hahah but keep up the good “polictal views” hahah. and i hope the soundtrack sounds good, and i agree with the regular HALO theme, and how it should be still kept into the HALO seris like it should be cause it was made for HALO from the start :O

  13. Shadow says:

    oh and “Greenskull” i REALLY didnt like wat he says hahaha, he is worst. come on dude grow up and EVOLVE like how HALO does lolololol. i have some dissappointments in the newer halo games but dude at least every1 adapts to the new things, sorry guys but just saying wat i think about him, and hope to play wit him 1 day and own him wit the DMR HAHAHAHA XD – sorry again

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