Podtacular 302: Halo 4 Special Editions

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During San Diego Comic-Con, 343i released information about the Special Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 console. It has one of the best custom designs for an Xbox 360S to date in our opinion and with the additional goodies, this is definitely a console to get if you’re a collector or are in need of a new one or replacement. This show is dedicated to digging into all of the features of the Halo 4 Console bundle and talk about the latest pictures that we have for the contents in the Halo 4 Limited edition. We also stick our hands in the mailbag and read some of your comments and questions. Community guests for this show are Farmer Elmo and KALEL089. Enjoy

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3 Responses to Podtacular 302: Halo 4 Special Editions

  1. stallmeplease says:

    Good show! Great to be back on the podtacular grind!

  2. Bioman998 says:

    Great show, and when I say “reload” I mean the needles pop back up and after about 150 shots they go back down again. Don’t worry, unlimited ammo as normal. the reload is more of a balancing thing, because such a vehicle could very obviously and easily be overpowered. If there is tracking it should be very minimal, that or the shots are slow moving.

  3. Rhadamanthis says:

    Wow, this show was pretty damn good! Keep up the great work.

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